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Think You’re Too Old To Do This?

Brian came in for his Free Intro.

I’d asked him why he came to see me.

He said the usual, “oh, you know, just to get a bit healthier because I’m getting on a bit now!”

I asked him why he wanted to get healthier.

Then I asked him why it’s important to him.

Finally, I asked him what he’s struggling with most.

“It takes me so much longer to get out of bed than it used to, I feel weak.”

I see this with a lot of my older clients. They think that because they’re getting older, it means they have to accept losing muscle. They believe things like exercise are out of their reach. Imagine being healthy and strong all your life and having that slowly stripped away?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What I think has happened is we don’t do enough to educate the older population. We know so much more about health, fitness and nutrition now. It’s time to pass this on to the older population.

If you’re reading this and your mum, dad, nan or grandad struggle to move well, you can help. Please send them our way.

It’s never too late to make changes. The two most significant changes that could have the most impact are;

  • Increasing protein in their diet. You can help them do that. Tell them to eat protein in every meal and provide them with good sources of protein. You could even print out a basic diet plan. Something like this;
    • Eggs, beans, and spinach for breakfast
    • Fish or chicken for lunch with potatoes and vegetables
    • Yoghurt with berries as a snack
    • A hearty bean soup for dinner
  • Set them up with a personal trainer or group exercise class that focuses on resistance training.

Both of these are evidence-based changes.

Our elderly population have more time on their hands, and can often feel lonely and isolated from the world. A group fitness class or a personal training session 1-3 times a week could do wonders for their lifestyle.

We are here to facilitate change.

Age doesn’t need to hinder that

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