Member of the Month – January 2020 – Vimal Datta

Our Member of the Month is Vimal! He’s an all-round awesome dude. I could tell he wasn’t sure when he first joined us. His wife, the equally awesome Bijal, was seeing some great results, and he clearly wanted a piece of the action!

Fast forward a few months, and he’s seeing some fantastic results, too! I also love how smiley he is and how he never complains! He trusts us and gets on with it.

Be sure to congratulate him, won’t you?

I had a chat with him recently. Here’s what he had to say.

1)    What do you love about Crossfit, and how does it help you in your day to day life?

When I first joined, I was slightly skeptical as to whether a one size fits all approach would work for me. I soon realised that this was not the case as each class and movement can be scaled based on your ability in order to help you improve and achieve your goals. Because of this, I feel fitter and stronger and have improved my self-confidence.

Beware: CrossFit is addictive!

2)    What’s your favourite workout?

I love the variety of workouts and every session seems to challenge me both from a weight and cardio perspective. I try to attend a mixture of WODs, Barbells, and Bootcamps during the week because they are all equally challenging and rewarding!

3)    What 3 things would you say are CFW’s biggest plus points?

1.    People – Everyone is in it together and there are no egos! Whether you’re a couch potato or an active sporty person, everyone is made to feel at home and encouraged to work at a level that works best for them, in order to achieve results.

2.    Programming – The variety of workouts helps you to improve each session. They are always challenging and have helped me build both stamina and strength.

3.    Coaches – I really enjoy all the coaching team because they make the sessions tough yet enjoyable. They are knowledgeable about the workouts and movements, but at the same time open to having a bit of banter!

4)    How has being a part of our community had a positive effect on you?

As I said above, the biggest asset for Crossfit Woodford is its people! It really is a community and one where everyone is made to feel included, again NO EGOs! I never feel intimidated by the need to match or beat others, but at the same time, the positive atmosphere encourages and drives me to push myself a little bit more each time, which has helped me get fitter and stronger!

5)    What’s your favourite treat meal?

Although I have improved my diet since joining CrossFit Woodford, I still really enjoy my food and don’t really do treat meals as I have them far too regularly to be considered a treat. The main change which I feel has helped me, in terms of weight and physique, is not skipping meals. I now have breakfast regularly and have reduced my alcohol consumption.

6)    What would you say to anyone new trying out CFW for the first time?

Come along, have fun, try your best. The results will happen!

Thanks, Vimal! See you in a session soon.


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