Feature: Seray Sahin

We want to feature our members on here because they are AWESOME! Here’s our first feature.

I work for Clarins as an E-Commerce Manager, so I’m all about skincare and sustainable beauty!

I’ve been there for almost 6 months so still finding my feet but so far so good :).

Gokhan and I love to travel and we go back to Istanbul a lot which is where we’re from.

We’ve also got a 10-month-old British Blue Shorthair named Hugo who I absolutely adore, he sleeps with us without fail every night. The vet recently told us he’s a bit overweight (5kg!) so we’ve got him on a strict diet alongside ourselves!


Love that! Maybe Hugo needs to start CrossFit!

1) Why do you train at CrossFit Woodford?

  • I initially started Crossfit as I wanted to get strong and have a workout that would really push me instead of me going easy on myself at the gym. One of the reasons for training here is this, but over time it has also become because of the friendly, motivating vibe at the box from both the trainers and peers. I like that every workout is different, it will ALWAYS push me, and most of all its fun!

2) Does having an hour to yourself mean a lot to you?

  • Of course! Although I don’t have kids or a crazy busy home life, my work life is pretty full on so that hour before or after work really helps me to concentrate on myself rather than worrying about projects or deadlines. 

3) What is your biggest achievement here so far?

  • Honestly, the fact that I haven’t quit! When you’re in the box and working out it’s great, but at the beginning, I’d really overthink it and work myself up about not being able to do it. So I’m proud that I’ve stuck it out and don’t get that feeling anymore :). I can also now do handstands (most of the time!) which before I wouldn’t have dreamed of attempting. I’m still a beginner, so being able to do a move is always an achievement, then being able to increase the weight each time is, of course, a bonus!


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