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Feature: David Sabb

We love David in our morning classes. He’s got a great outlook on life and loves training.

He’s a dedicated husband and father and as he’s taking a bit of time off, he’s literally become part of the furniture!

I asked David to answer these questions and provide some insight into training at Eatelligent Lifestyle!

1) Why do you train at Eatelligent Lifestyle?

I train at CFW for a number of reasons outside of the obvious increasing my fitness levels. I would say that CFW still has that community feeling. There is lots of great banter and everyone is always encouraging you to do well. You’re pushed to achieve whatever goals you have set for that session.

I love the variety of workouts between the WOD’s and the Bootcamps, after 9 months I still feel outside my comfort zone with many of the movements and I get a real sense of achievement when I am able to do particularly challenging (for me) movements such as overhead squats or the Squat snatch.

The coaches are a big differentiator for me. They are very attentive and will always help you to not only achieve your long term goals but should you need advice on how to improve specific movements or just in need of encouragement to get through a particularly tough session they are always on hand to oblige.

2) Does having an hour to yourself mean a lot to you?

Having the time to attend CFW for that hour is such an important part of my well being as we all have “STUFF” going on and it can be all-consuming at times and it is very easy to forget what’s important to you. The time I spend at CFW is not only helping me physically but mentally too, as this is the 1hr that I can switch off from everything else and be completely selfish and focus my mind on what I enjoy doing for that short period.

3) What is your biggest achievement here so far?

I don’t think that I have a single biggest achievement but many different achievements. 9 months ago I had never heard of ‘Kipping” or “Toes to bar”, even a “Thrusters” was an alien concept to me. I now feel I can say I can do some of the Crossfit specific exercises to a reasonable standard and others like “Double unders” and “Kipping” I am slowly getting better. So each time that I manage 1 or 2 more or perhaps hitting a PB on any of the Bar workouts it feels like a big achievement.

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