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Discipline = Freedom

Do you know how many people come to us and say, “I just need motivation!” Mmmm.

Probably not.

You already have the motivation! Who doesn’t want to be fitter, financially free, in control of their life, and healthier? Aren’t all of those things motivation enough?

We’re all motivated because it’s human nature to want to improve and be the best we can be.

But motivation is fleeting and it wanes. How many times have you started your day with the best intentions and then struggled to follow through as the day goes on?

To be more motivated, you need success.
To be successful, you need discipline.

Discipline and freedom are connected. They aren’t opposite ideas. You may think of them as opposite because discipline is associated with punishment.

But discipline is only punishment if you frame it that way.

If you want financial freedom, you need the discipline to plan financially, make sacrifices, and be frugal at times because you know that you’ll see financial rewards later on.

Need that six-pack? You have to follow a very strict cut, that eliminates some of the pleasures of life and puts you in a big caloric deficit.

Trying to build a strong and able body? You have to follow a consistent workout routine and make slow but steady progress.

To feel courageous you have to do things that scare you, because otherwise, how will you overcome the fear?

Doing all of these things requires sacrifice and saying no to things that don’t serve you.

Here’s what to do

Get up early and take control of your direction.
Plan your day, and execute your task list.
Exercise – your mind and body.
Eat well. Food, not too much and lots of plants.
Carve out time for your family because they are the most important part of your life.
Sleep for 7-9 hours and reap the benefits.

What can you say no to today that will ensure you have freedom tomorrow?

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