Do Your Habits Align With Your ‘Why’?

When a client comes to me and says “I want to lose 10lbs because I’m getting married and I want to look good”, I nod. …

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Think You’re Too Old To Do This?

Brian came in for his Free Intro. I’d asked him why he came to see me. He said the usual, “oh, you know, just to …

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This ONE tweak to your routine could change everything

Have you found yourself struggling to work out? This ONE change in your routine could change everything. I’m sure like most people your clothes during …

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3 Steps to Better Sleep

Do you find yourself waking up groggy? Does it feel like you JUST fell asleep? Because surely your alarm can’t be going off already! In …

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Discipline = Freedom

Do you know how many people come to us and say, “I just need motivation!” Mmmm. Probably not. You already have the motivation! Who doesn’t …

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Are you being too hard on yourself?

You wake up just as frazzled as when you went to bed. The first thing you think about is that you have to do this …

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Coronavirus: Stay Active and Be Mindful

How to stay active and protect your mental health during this time I’ve never experienced anything like this. I’m not sure if many of us …

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Client Feature – Nick Hurley

We’re always trying to champion our clients here at CrossFit Woodford. This feature is all about Nick! Nick has a very serious job in the …

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Feature: David Sabb

We love David in our morning classes. He’s got a great outlook on life and loves training. He’s a dedicated husband and father and as …

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Member of the Month – January 2020 – Vimal Datta

Our Member of the Month is Vimal! He’s an all-round awesome dude. I could tell he wasn’t sure when he first joined us. His wife, …

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