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CrossFit Woodford exists to encourage you, ordinary and already amazing you, to make extraordinary changes in your life so that you can be the version of yourself that you want to see.

I started CrossFit Woodford in 2013.

Did you know that the name CrossFit Woodford is actually new? At the time, The Only Way is Essex was really big, and we thought, as a play on words, we’d called ourselves The Only Way Is CrossFit. The name was actually suggested to me, and I went with it.

Do I regret it? Yes and no.

No, because most of our members knew us as TOWIC, and the name didn’t put them off.

Yes, because I think the name brought negative connotations with it in some people’s minds.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter that much, as our name doesn’t make us.

Our program, our results, and YOU, the people make us.

I started this gym to bring CrossFit to my local area.

To make a difference in people’s lives.

All I’ve ever wanted to do in fitness is to help other people who are in the same position I once was.

Overweight, unhealthy, tired, and miserable.

I was never sporty. Never fit. I had talents, but none of them were off the athletic nature.

CrossFit changed everything.

I could lift weights, do cardio, and learn new skills all from one program! And I was pretty good at it.

Making the transition to coach was both easy and hard.

Hard because I had a lot to learn (and still do – hence why I do so many courses!), but easy because I knew I wanted to help others.

We have grown over the last six years from a place where you could come to work out, to a place where you come to train. To be taught, motivated, and empowered.

In the past 6 years, I’ve gone from CrossFit coach, to head coach, business owner, sports massage therapist and certified nutritionist.

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Shaun Samonini | OWNER

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