Pentony has been at CrossFit Woodford for FIVE years. In those five years, she’s had 2 beautiful children, inspired me to take up Sports Massage Therapy, and is an integral part of our box.

Her desire, drive, and passion for fitness is inspiring. Her sense of community is evident in her encouragement of everyone here, and we are so happy that she’s stuck with us all this time.

Congratulations on being our latest Member of the Month- or Member of the Forever!

I caught up with Pentony recently:

1) What do you love about Crossfit, and how does it help you in your day to day life?

I love CrossFit because it never feels like work.  It is so varied and I feel I am challenged every day and there is always something to work on.  I get bored easily, I have never been into the gym, and I love sport.  I mean I really love sport. 

I love the combination of mental and physical challenge and CrossFit is 100% sport.  It has made me stronger, faster, fitter, and better at every sport I play and best of all it keeps me pain-free.

I actually started Crossfit due to having Sciatica for 6 years straight. I knew I needed stronger glutes but there are only so many glute extensions you can do before you get bored.  Within 6 weeks it was gone and thankfully has never come back!

In addition, I am not sure how I would get around carrying two heavy kids if it wasn’t for CrossFit, it keeps me strong for life.

2) What’s your favourite workout?

The filthy fifty hands down.  Sick I know, but I sometimes dream of a filthy 100.  I love any WOD that is long and grueling.  I am all about MIND over matter.  Complete escapism.

3) What 3 things would you say are CFW’s biggest plus points?

  1. The people, I mean every single one of you makes my day.  With always having the kids with me I always turn up hoping to get a workout, but actually if I have to set off or leave early I don’t really care as the real highlight for me is seeing all your smiling faces, seeing you smash PBS, seeing you achieve things you never thought you could, and hearing all about your life ups and downs. 
  2. The coaches, its not about just getting a sweat.  I mean I have only been here 5 years…… still working on that squat technique 🙂 I love that you never give up on us and you all seek to help us improve and smash our goal.  Talking of which let’s bring that goals board back!!
  3. The fact you all accept me having my crazy kids along for the ride,  I am immensely grateful.

4) How has being a part of our community had a positive effect on you?

I have met people from all walks of life, with so many different outlooks on the world. I love meeting new people, hearing about their fascinating jobs, seeing people achieve their fitness goals….. 

Being a member of the community has shown me how important community and movement are on so many levels.  It’s not just about looking good.  It’s about being strong for the life you lead, keeping pain away and also about mental wellbeing and friendship.

5) What’s your favourite treat meal?

Thai food.  Curry.  Anything insanely spicy and delicious washed down with an ice cold IPA.

6) What would you say to anyone new trying out CFW for the first time?

Stick with it.  You will probably want to puke and think what on earth is this torture…..? But we have all been there and it does get better.  I mean we all smile now when we ache so bad we cannot walk the next day 🙂 I mean, I crave DOMS as that is when I know I am getting stronger! Listen to the coaches and focus on technique.  I am still working on technique every day but that is what keeps it interesting and challenging.

Love this lady! 🙂