Isn’t CrossFit great?

Varied programming, functional movement, a great community that enables you to thrive.

Your progression is planned and you can basically choose when you train. If you don’t like something you can make the (wrong) choice to skip that workout or skill session.

There’s always a coach, and you’ll always find encouragement.

If all of that is enough for you, that’s great!

If, however, you want a little bit more; if you want to improve further, get even stronger, and really tap into your potential, have a look at the 5 tips below.

1) Schedule Rest

Rest is so important when it comes to CrossFit and getting the most out of it. Training 6 days in a row is crazy. 5 days at the most is OK-ish.

You should be aiming for 3 days on, 1 day off. I appreciate this might not be feasible. It’s not for me, so I train 5 days and rest 2 (however, my Wednesday workout is active recovery based).

Double sessions is also a big mistake. If you feel that you need to do a double session you haven’t worked hard enough in the first. Also, you won’t get any adaptations from that second session, or build any more strength/cardio because you won’t be able to focus fully or push hard enough to have any effect.

So be smart. Rest when you need to. even when you feel like you don’t your body will thank you for the rest.

2) Fuel your workouts

Two truths:

We do not NEED carbohydrates to survive, or live.

We DO NEED them to perform optimally, provide glucose for our brains to function, sleep better and perform high-intensity exercise and/or maximal lifts.

Protein: If you’re not eating at least 1.2 – 1.6g of protein per kg of bodyweight you will never tap into your true strength. You’ll always struggle to recover and feel sluggish. Your DOMS will be worse.

Protein before bed is proven to facilitate muscle protein synthesis (your muscles grow/get stronger) and also aids in muscle recovery.

How much protein are you getting?


And do them with a smile on your face.

I hate Overhead Squats. Guess what; when I told my coach that, he programmed them every week for about 10 weeks.


Do not skip a workout because you don’t like something.

4) Leave your ego at the door

Before you step into our facility, leave your ego behind.

Pride stops you from putting in 100%.

It stops you from being smart. If you can’t lift a weight sensibly and safely, it’s too heavy. Drop the weight.

Intensity (both strength and cardio) is EARNED through CONSISTENT quality movement.

You are not a better or worse CrossFitter than anyone else. You’re just at different points in your journey.

Beginners; don’t shy away. Ask questions, talk to people. Let others inspire you.

Long-time members; be humble. Don’t show off. You were a newbie once, inspire others!

Leave your ego at the door.


You guys are super fortunate to have SugarWOD included in your membership.

A place where you can track literally EVERY workout you do.

Allowing you to monitor progress, compete with yourself and see where you stack up within the box.

Even with my own training I have True Coach, an app that allows my coach to plan and send me my workouts, and you best believe, I track every little thing.

Because I need data.

I need to see the areas that need work, the things I’m good and bad at. The stuff I used to shy away from.

Use the tools that are at your disposal.