By Rachel Berg

Mums! Can we have a moment to talk about post-baby bodies?

Here at Crossfit Woodford, we are a family-run business. Our members are from all walks of life and backgrounds and one thing lots of us have in common is the fact we’ve given birth to little people (or in some cases… massive 10+lb whoppers!)

Women’s bodies are awe-inspiring. The fact that anyone ever falls pregnant is a statistical miracle, let’s face it. Women grow, nurture, deliver and feed babies. It’s incredible. And yet, as soon as that baby is out… the pressure is on. Every media source is screaming at you to get yourself “back in shape”. Shape? What, shape? A triangle? Rhombus? Do me a favour!

The last thing any new mum should be worrying about is getting back into her jeans as quickly as possible. But pretty much all of us can’t help but feel we have to make this a priority. At times like this, it’s always worth asking yourself who is actually profiting from your feelings of self-doubt? Spending money on quick-fix diets funds a huge industry which monetises women’s insecurities.

Of course, Crossfit Woodford is a business too. We can’t pretend otherwise. However, we take a different approach. We are all about empowering women. Making them stronger, braver and more confident….whatever your size and regardless of what the scales say. We couldn’t care less what your workout gear looks like or if all you can fit into is one of your partner’s old t-shirts. Our workouts are all scaleable to make them accessible for all levels of fitness, including pre and postnatally.
The simple fact of the matter is most women’s bodies are never totally the same after having children. But that’s okay… It’s more than okay and it’s something to be celebrated. Your incredible body brought a miracle into the world. Being a new parent is about finding your way and learning what your new normal is. Everything changes and your body is no exception.

Here at Crossfit Woodford, we get it. We know how difficult it is to make time for yourself. The idea of putting yourself first seems like an impossible task. Finding something to wear to the gym, getting a babysitter…it can all seem so overwhelming. But once you’re here it’s so worth it. To be surrounded by like-minded people who are all there to forget about life’s stresses for an hour and work on their mental and physical well being.

Women’s strength is something to be celebrated. So this is a thank you to all of the Crossfit Woodford mums who somehow carve time out of their days to come and spend an hour putting themselves first. We love seeing your strength and your confidence grow and we are so proud of your achievements!