I’m not immune to self-doubt.

I’m also an overthinker at times.
A people pleaser and a tad over-emotional.
I can get offended easily (but recently I’ve worked on this and I’m harder to rattle now!).
I take on too much.
I take on other people’s pain.
My face can’t hide what I’m feeling.

But some of these traits have great by-products!

I value loyalty and am loyal.
I care about others.
I’m able to offer good advice (I hope!).
I can connect to people, even those with a hard exterior.
I empathise.
I push myself to work harder….to be better.

We humans are so complex. And completely different from one person to the next. We all have different traits. We’re all going through our own shit.

Sometimes life is amazing. Sometimes it sucks.

Our experiences can change us. Cause us to react, to question.

There are three things that help me find peace:

1. Being my authentic self

You will NEVER please everyone. Not everyone will like you. You can’t control either of those things.

You can only stand by your values, do good in the world in whatever way you know how to, and be a good husband, father, wife, mother, sister, brother and friend.

2. Accepting my flaws and taking responsibility

I used to feel like I had to justify why something was changing. Decisions about my business would keep me up at night. I’d find ways to abdicate myself from responsibility.

It’s SO MUCH easier to accept that you’re not good at something and ask for help. So much simpler to admit to my wife, “Look, I fucked up, Sorry. How can we go about rectifying this?”. You can’t be good at everything, or right about everything.

3. I value my time

I’d love to be able to help everyone, with every problem and pain point in their lives. But I’m only one man. If my time and energy are needed, they come at a price. A financial cost for you, and a time and energy cost for me.

I’m no longer afraid of valuing my time accordingly and providing the best service I can, whilst still being human and wanting to spend time with my wife and son. After all, what’s it all for if not for them?

Do you know who you are? Your authentic self?

I am who I am, and it’s taken me a long time to figure out who that person is. The community we have built reflects leadership. I’m proud of the people we have in our gym, and I’m proud of myself for building this community.

Stick with us, there’s so much more to come.