If you come to Crossfit Woodford to get hot, sweaty, burn some calories and don’t want to think much more about it that’s awesome. We will make sure you enjoy and get benefits from working out.

If you come to see progress over time, to learn new skills and to improve your numbers then you need to follow a training program. You need to change the stimulus of your workouts on a regular basis. To identify your weaknesses and do accessory work to improve them.

At Crossfit Woodford we offer both options.

For those of you who just want to come and get a hard workout in on a regular basis then Bootcamp is the class for you. We vary the stimulus and movements to keep it interesting (and tough). If you come regularly (at least 3 times a week), then after only a few weeks you will see improvements in both your strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Our WOD classes are different. You will still get hot, sweaty and burn plenty of cals, but you will also be following a detailed training program that focuses on developing your strength (solid base of squats, deadlifts and presses), power (explosive lifts of clean, jerks and snatch), conditioning (heavy barbell cycling) and stamina in short micro-cycles throughout the year. These are also tailored around the 2 key competition dates in our year. The CrossFit Open which runs for 5 weeks and starts in late Feb, and our in-house Crossfit Woodford competition in the autumn (Sat October 20th this year).

We deliberately plan gradual progressions through different movement patterns in order to constantly challenge you and to show incremental improvements over time. This is our service to you. No quick fixes, but a solid long-term plan to move you forwards. To help you become a stronger, faster more mobile human with grit and discipline.

If you are with us to train, your mindset is an important factor in your development. You have to play the long game and accept that after the initial 6 months of PBs coming from all over the place that this will begin to slow down. You will find movements that are your nemesis that appear impossible to master. But if you stick with it, the benefits will come. More PBs will come. You WILL master those movements. The gains may be more subtle but they will still come.

And the best part thing of all is that we’re here to support you all the way. We’ve got your back (and quads, glutes, triceps…)your update here…