Spencer is just that stand-up guy. He’s polite, eager to learn and nice to everyone.

He always has time for people. As a fellow Sports Massage Therapist, I love how he’ll point out to other members areas they could work on when it comes to muscle function, and in a completely non-arrogant way. He’s just happy to help!

Do check him out if you need a great sports massage, or need to work on an injury!

He also brings people in to try CrossFit at Crossfit Woodford and that helps us to grow our community.

Congratulations Spencer!

1) What do you love about Crossfit, and how does it help you in your day to day life?

What is there not to love about The Only Way Is CrossFit?!! Since joining 18 months ago, I have grown to love this place even more and never get tired of training. I know it’s cliche, but like everyone else I love the fact that before or after a hard days work, all I have to do is turn up and give 100% because all the real hard work has been done by you guys, with your meticulous planning of each class and the enthusiasm and motivation you provide.

My job is sedentary, so being able to train 4/5 times is vital to me, as it’s the only form of exercise I get on a daily basis. Since increasing my membership to Unlimited, I’ve felt leaner, fitter and stronger than before and have noticed significant changes to my body shape, which has increased my self-confidence considerably. However, I still think it’ll be a little while and a lot of blood sweat and tears before I get a body like Don & Noel and have the confidence to train topless like them!!

2) What’s your favourite workout?

Hard question as I genuinely enjoy all aspects of training. I would probably say my favourites are any of the benchmark WODs, as they are all extremely challenging and give a great indication of how my fitness has personally progressed.

I’m also very keen on the strength cycle programmes and come on… who doesn’t love a partner WOD or Bootcamp!

3) What 3 things would you say are Crossfit Woodford’s biggest plus points?

Cliche again, but the biggest plus point for me about Crossfit Woodford is the variety of the programming, which at times takes me out of my comfort zone, frustrates the hell out of me but still pushes me to the limit.

The quality of coaching that you guys provide is another plus point, different styles of coaching, carried out in a non-egotistical manner with the sole purpose of ensuring that we train hard, make gains, whilst having fun at the same time.

Lastly, I love how you guys constantly strive to make improvements to the box. Prior to joining here, I had been a member of the big name gyms where classes were mundane and the gym floor was soulless. At Crossfit Woodford, you’re more than just a number and in terms of the training and guidance you provide to every member, this level of service, in my opinion, is invaluable.

4) How has being a part of our community had a positive effect on you?

Community is what Crossfit Woodford stands for. Everyone has their own reasons to train, but for me, this is a place where I can work out as often as I like, in a fun friendly environment with like-minded people from all different backgrounds, cultures and levels of fitness.

There is no pretentiousness at Crossfit Woodford, no matching Lycra and no posing in mirrors taking selfies! I love how everyone embraces the community spirit by pushing one another in workouts without making anyone feel inadequate.

Competition amongst members is sparse, as, in my opinion, it seems that everyone is on their own journey, striving to become fitter and stronger themselves but still being there to support others at the same time.

5) What’s your favourite treat meal?

This is an easy one for me. Basically, any meal that includes bread! During the week I tend to stick to a balanced healthy diet, which means I can relax a little at the weekends.

I adore thin crust pizzas loaded with veg, chillies and pepperoni as well as hot spicy curries with a nice slab of Peshwari naan to mop up the sauce (so common!!)

6) What would you say to anyone new trying out Crossfit Woodford for the first time?

Be patient and make sure you give it at least three months before you decide whether The Only Way Is CrossFit is for you. I was quite sceptical when I first joined as there were sessions that I really enjoyed and some were I didn’t as I struggled to comprehend the technique patterns and had issues with mobility.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but this is an environment where you can be guided and helped without feeling intimidated. Every workout is scalable and specifically designed to increase strength, mobility and fitness levels and from then on, it’s how much you want to commit to your journey.

It’s an old saying, “but you only get out what you put in”, and if you’re willing to give 100% effort in every class, train consistently and maintain a balanced healthy diet, you will undoubtedly achieve results.

Thanks Spence, and congratulations once again!